Maintenance and care of the Maine Coon

If you have become the owner of a beautiful Maine Coon or are just planning to have a kitten, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the rules and recommendations for the care and maintenance of pets of this breed. After all, thick wool, large size and unique character create a lot of features in handling and care. Therefore, even if you already have experience in keeping purebred cats, study these tips anyway.

First of all, Maine Coons are a breed that was bred naturally in the harsh climate of the northern United States. Therefore, cats still have well-developed hunting skills, but there is no extra aggression. You can be calm: if small children want to play with a cat, it will not release its claws, but simply hide. At the same time, Maine coons are very playful, especially when they have not yet formed. And since growing up in this breed lasts up to three years, you need to stock up on toys in order to pay attention to your pet every day. Pyramids, various balls and fishing rods are perfect. The main thing is not to forget to clean them up after the games.

Maine coon kitten playing

Let’s start with the scratching post. It needs to be the correct size. It is best to buy two scratching posts: vertical and horizontal. However, it is worth making sure that they are heavy, stable and high enough, otherwise it will be inconvenient for an adult cat to use them, and it will begin to spoil furniture, wallpaper, curtains, and so on. By the way, it is also better to choose heavier and bigger bowls for food and water. Firstly, Maine coons eat more than ordinary cats, and secondly, they can inadvertently tip over a light bowl.

If you purchase a complex of scratching posts and beds, choose the option where there will be a lot of space for the cat to rest. After all, Maine Coons do not like cramped space. For the same reason, it is recommended to get a cat of this breed when you have a private house with a fenced area where the pet can walk.

Next come the care products. Since Maine Coons have a long and thick coat, it must be combed several times a week with a comb with a blunt comb, always paying attention to the fur on the abdomen. You can bathe cats as they become dirty, but at least once every six months. This breed is known for its love of water procedures, so you don’t have to worry about this. However, pay special attention to the condition of the ears, teeth and eyes! They also need to be inspected, checked and cleaned.

Maine Coons are distinguished by their intelligence, so it is necessary to give them regular physical and mental exercise. They are easy to train and like to be taught simple commands, like dogs. In addition, such cats feel great in a harness on a walk. Pay attention to this in order to keep the Maine Coon in great shape.

The choice of toilet and filler largely depends on the Maine Coon cattery where you buy a kitten. Since “MoonriseCoon” kittens live in families all over the world, here you can get accurate recommendations for your country. Fill out the feedback form or contact us yourself, contact information is at the bottom of the page. After all, initially kittens are accustomed to a certain filler, and it is necessary to retrain them. It takes about one month from the moment when the Maine Coon gets into a new family.

A similar question is with nutrition. There are many different recommendations and disagreements about this. Before you buy a kitten, ask the Maine Coon breeder what diet he adheres to! If this is a natural diet without dry food, then some rules should be followed. We can definitely say that Maine coons cannot be given:

– sausages and smoked meats;
– sweets, yeast and pastries;
– garlic and nuts;
– pond or lake fish;
– cow’s milk, sour cream, fermented baked milk, cream, low-fat dairy products;
– pork;
– legumes and potatoes.

With caution, you can add to the diet:

– chicken eggs every few weeks (however, quail eggs are useful for Maine coons);
– goat’s milk for kittens;
– fruits and vegetables in raw or boiled form (once a week).

It is recommended to use:

– chicken, rabbit, turkey and lean beef;
– boiled sea or ocean fish;
– quail eggs;
– sprouted wheat or oats;
– meat porridge;
– cheese or cottage cheese.

You should also use only purified water, such as filtered and settled. With caution, boiled water should be given, because teeth can deteriorate from it.

white Maine Coon kittens

All these recommendations will help to create a balanced diet so that your Maine Coon grows up beautiful and healthy. At the same time, everything is already balanced in premium quality feeds, which significantly saves time and effort. Buying a Maine Coon in the MoonriseCoon cattery, you will receive individual recommendations on choosing a diet for your pet. After all, a lot depends on your preferences and location.

Anyway, Maine coons are not difficult to care for, they are quite independent, although they are attached to their owners. In addition, each kitten has its own character: someone does not like to play, someone loves cucumbers, and someone sleeps in the sink under running water. After all, the Maine Coon is a real member of the family, only with a fluffy tail.